True Testimonials from Real Customers:
All the testimonials below are 100% real. All participants have agreed to act as a referral and are willing to verify accuracy. Please select up to 3 references and we will give you their phone number or email. 

"I am proud to recommend Maid On The Spot Inc. to anyone interested in help with housekeeping. Thay are professional, reliable and deliver consistent quality." 
                                                            Barbara H., Cranberry, Butler County

"Maid On The Spot Inc. is the best!"
                                                            Diane C., Sewickley, Allegheny County

"I have had quite a few different cleaning services in the past but none of them were able to meet my expectations until I met Maid On The Spot Inc. The quality of your cleanings is far superior to any service I ever had in the past. Better yet, they all cost more . . . "
                                                            Kelly H., Chipewa, Beaver County

"I live in a rural area and often cleaned my home myself because no other cleaning companies would travel to my home. I saw your sign every day on my way to work but didn't call until I desperately needed cleaning two days before Thanksgiving. I knew it was a long shot but I had nothing to lose. Wow, was I impressed! Not only did you clean on 24 hours notice, you did a better job then I would have done given all the things I had to do. Although, I clean my home on my own regularly, I love being able to call you in a pinch . . . Thank you Maid On The Spot Inc."
                                                            Karla V. Hookstown, Beaver County

"My home has never been so clean!"
                                                            Lou S., West Mifflin, Allegheny County

"As soon as I open the door, I know the cleaning people were here because my house just smells clean."
                                                            M. Hoffman, Beaver, Beaver County

"I used to have a maid that I loved for over 7 years. Then, she started to call off on her scheduled day and things just weren't the same. The final straw came when I hosted a dinner for my in-laws only to find my nice silverware was missing. I can't prove who took it but I have my suspicions. When I told her I no longer wanted her services she became beligerent and I saw a side of her I never knew existed. I then tried to hire a number of independent women but it never worked out. I even tried a number of companies, some did a good job but frankly their price was outragous. I thought I could never replace her until I found you. You do as good or better job without the problems. You will do all the things that other companies won't. I am so happy to have found you . . ."
                                                            Cindy F., Ben Avon, Allegheny County

"We were referred to you by our neighbor. She used to complain to us about the other cleaning companies missing little things but she acted like it was a big deal. To speak openly, I thought no one could ever make her happy and we would just smile and nod when she ranted. We were shocked when she told us she found a new company that did a great job. I figured it was just a one time thing but she stopped complaining. I finally asked her if she still had a cleaning company and if so who it was. She gave me your number and I have been delighted with your service. If you can make my neighbor happy you can make anyone happy." 
                                                             Jessica W., Squirrel Hill, Allegheny County

"I recently used your service for a deep cleaning of my new home and a move-out cleaning from my old apartment. I really appreciated the attention to detail you spent cleaning my new home. It was important to me to have my home cleaned immaculately before I moved in and you met the challenge. On the other hand, I was impressed with the expediency which you shaped up my old town home. You were able to get the job done quickly and I was happy to receive my full security deposit. Thanks for helping me make this transition. I will be calling you soon to schedule regular service on my new home."
                                                             Zach G., North Hills, Allegheny County

"Thank you Maid On The Spot Inc. - you do a great job!"
                                                             Jan Z., Mars, Butler County 

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